Finding a Design “Style”

Entry way, Katsura Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan

Entry way, Katsura Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan

Sometimes artists work too hard to find a “style.” We look at the work of others and say, gee, I like that. I want to paint like that. I want to make jewelry like hers. But chances are the artist who created the work we admire found her or his style within, not without.

A case in point: A friend gave me a book about country style in Japan, featuring old, traditional thatched roof homes that have been converted by architects for modern living. I love the wood beams, the clarity and simplicity of the rooms, Continue reading

Dreamin’ Ain’t Easy

Standing stone at Stonehenge

All my life I dreamed of standing in the stone circle at Stonehenge. This year, that dream came true.

My friend, Devon Monk, and I have a twice-a-week writing date at the local university library. I’m working on Good Bones: the Elements and Principles of Design for Jewelry Makers. She’s working her next novel series. We go to the library to get away from the distractions at home that provide lots of opportunities to procrastinate.

Working with a buddy is good for guilt, too. When I’m staring out the window and she’s typing like mad, I begin to feel like a slacker. So I start typing again, Continue reading